The Eagleton SealHet Eagleton Zegel - Arjen TerpstraArjen Terpstra

  • Arjen Terpstra

    Arjen Terpstra has been the first mate on ocean-going vessels, an entrepreneur in America, a freelance journalist, and a cameraman. He is currently active in the entertainment industry, in addition to being a writer. His first novel, The Lords of Friesland, was published in 2008. His novels have been published in both Frisian and Dutch.

The Eagleton Seal

After they are driven from their native soil by the merciless English, the Eagletons spread to the four winds. Their blood mixes with that of Scots, Native Americans, and Frisians, but they remain Irish to the core. They work, fight, love, and suffer as an ineffable passion drives them onward. What binds them all together are the two halves of the broken Eagleton Seal—the key to the family castle—which must be forged together to turn the family’s fate.

John and Shay Eagleton, who manage to escape Ireland alive but lose touch with each other forever; John Hamilton, who cannot contain his restlessness; Sinead van der Zee, who subordinates her immense photographic talent to the whims of her temper: their lives are determined by love and destiny. Each plays a unique role in the age-long search for their family’s Celtic origins, aided by the mighty eagle, heraldic charge of the Eagleton clan and symbol of eternal loyalty.

The Eagleton Seal

Number of pages: 526

The House Of Books | november 2010

ISBN: 9789044329056

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